2.6 & 2.6 Final Assesment & Post Testing Discussion

Final Dimensions of Car : 

The dimensions of our car are as follows :

Mass of Mousetrap Car : 180g
Mass of Wheel : 12g
Wheel Diameter : 10cm
Length of String : 10cm
Length of Lever extension : 10cm
Overall Length : 30cm
Overal1 all Width : 15cm
Overall height : 15cm

Final Assesment Data Table 

Final Trail Run/ Best Trail Run : https://youtu.be/etOGGWeJS20

Post Testing Discussion 

1. Using your data table from (3.1) , calculate the average velocity for your best run in the final assessment.

Ans : The average velocity was 0.86m/s

2. Which part of your mousetrap car design worked best? Explain your answer

Ans : We believe that the best part of the design was how light our car was compared to other teams. This is because when we have a car of lighter mass , we will be able to travel more smoothly and not let its mass slow it down unlike other cars.

3. If you had more time to work on your mousetrap car , state and explain how you will improve/modify the current design

Ans : We will look into increasing the amount of energy transferred from the string to kinetic energy to move the car forward. We will do so by changing our pulley system from the knot system which as the name suggest , having to tie a knot at the rear axle to the handle system.

With the handle system , the rope will detach from the axle and momentum will bring the car forward unlike the knot system , which will stop the car after the coiled rope has been unwind.

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