1.3 - Construction of Bridge

General Design

Once we are done with the design features of the bridge, we went on to plan the bridge on paper. This was general design we drew out, with our rough sketches and scaled drawings:

Members of the Bridge

For our bridge, we would consider having the following members:

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1. The Floor Beams, Stringers and Deck (making the Base of the Bridge). These are used to support most of the weight, since we are going to hang our weights onto the base.

2. Struts. These are used as further reinforcement to the bridge. As the bridge holds more and more weight, these are used to act as further support for the base to prevent it from bending too much. It also connects both sides of the bridge for a stronger structure.

3. Bracings. These would be used to prevent the bridge from bending when holding the weight. As the bridge holds more load, the bracing would help to distribute the force and help prevent bending from occurring.

Each member would play an integral role in allowing the bridge to hold as much weight as possible with the bridge being as light as possible. Because we tried to reduce the amount of materials necessary for the bridge, we decided that only these 3 components are necessary and so we did not include any other members.

Base of the Bridge

For the base of the bridge, we have decided to stack ice-cream sticks side-by-side, perpendicular to the ground (vertically):

This is because the length, h1, is thicker than length h2, which means that it has more material to support more weight. We did a simple bending test with real-life ice-cream sticks to test our idea, and sure enough it was true.

So, for the base of the bridge, we have decided to put the ice-cream sticks horizontally.

Anchors of the Bridge

For the anchors of the bride, we just decided to just rest the base onto the testing platform. So, the natural anchor points of the bridge would be the sides of the bridge:

Joints of the bridge

Like the base of the bridge, we used the same concept of the base to construct the joints of our bridge.  We would place the ice-cream sticks perpendicular to the ground (vertically) to maximise the amount of weight the bridge can hold.

And with that, we went on to build our bridge. After about a week, this was our progress:

And, we also weighed the bridge:

In Summary,

Length of Bridge: 56.5 cm
Width of Bridge: 7.4 cm
Height of Bridge: 9.8 cm
Mass of Bridge: 435.37g

Of course, we checked that our dimensions met the specifications, in which they did.

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